Movies to Watch in May

Holding the number one spot in the Box Office before the release of Marvel Avengers, Battleship is a must-watch for those interested in Naval Warfare, especially against aliens with advanced weapons and land on earth in Transformers look-a-like machines. (The producers of Transformers made this movie.) Be sure to stay till the end as there is a scene after the credits, hinting at a possible sequel.
Battleship is currently showing in cinemas. Watch trailer:

Marvel Avengers
Who wouldn't want to catch a movie with all your favourite childhood heroes in it? Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, Iron Man and the list goes on. In its first weekend in the Box Office, Avengers demolished its rivals and rocketed its way to the number one spot, reminiscent of the time when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows series appeared in cinemas. For the more adventurous, watching it in 3D will definitely set you back less for lunch, but will get you hungry for upcoming sequels in the Marvel franchise.
Marvel Avengers is currently showing in cinemas. Watch trailer:

21 Jump Street
Join a pair of middle-aged detectives who switch their sword for the pen and go undercover in their former high school to investigate and perpetuate a violent drug ring. As they go on their mission, never did any of them expect to encounter the troubling problems they once had when they were in high school. Teenagers will be able to relate to this movie who feel that adults are unable to understand them.
21 Jump Street will open in cinemas on 10th May. Watch trailer:

Snow White and the Huntsmen
In another adaptation of the Snow White classic, Universal Pictures is celebrating its 100th Anniversary with an action-adventure film depicting the intense jealously of a wicked witch …

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Finding the Best Massage chairs for TV viewing

First, you will find a massage chair expensive and then you will reveal health benefits this chair offers. It won’t be easy for you to stop yourself from buying one because it will make you feel refreshed after a tiring day.

Massage chairs are designed to massage the user’s body and relive muscle strain. Whether you have back pain, neck pains, shoulder issue, or simply feeling too tired after a long day in office, that massage chair can fix these problems for you. It is designed to massage the whole body when you are sitting and relaxing. You can even find massage chairs for TV viewing, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and a soothing massage.

Why you must own a massage chair?

The University Of Miami School Of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute has recently conducted a study to reveal the health benefits of using a massage chair. They have found that a feature-rich massage chair can improve measurable EEG brain activity in adults. Besides, the candidates performed quite accurately and more quickly in mathematical testing after enjoying a relaxing massage on the chair.

This study result reveals that your brain works much better after a rejuvenating massage. It is up to you that you take massage before going for work or after work. That 15-minute massage session will revitalize your muscles and brain to enjoy the rest of the day with more energy.

It improves your mood and helps you in sleeping better:

Millions of people cannot sleep calmly because of stress and depression. Massage has been proven beneficial in terms of reliving stress and curing depression. People usually visit the nearest spas and salons to get a refreshing massage. Masseuses charge a considerable amount of money for each massage session. Every person cannot afford …

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Easy Movie Trivia

1. What is the only movie in which Clint Eastwood sings?

  1. In Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978), who played the role of Dr. Maxwell Edison?
  2. In Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), who sang the song "Yankee Doodle Boy?"
  3. What Al Capp comic strip was made into a musical in 1961?
  4. In the 1973 adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, who played the White Rabbit?
  5. What was the only movie in which both Phil Silvers and Buster Keaton sang?
  6. What 1963 Broadway musical, and later movie, satirized the media attention surrounding Elvis Presley's induction into the United States Army?
  7. What is the only baseball-themed musical to be made into a motion picture?
  8. What musical features a main character named Tommy Walker?
  9. What musical was shot on location in Israel amid the ruins of 1st and 2nd Century Roman settlements?


  1. Paint Your Wagon
  2. Steve Martin
  3. Jimmy Cagney
  4. Lil Abner
  5. Michael Crawford (later sang the lead role in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera)
  6. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966)
  7. Bye Bye Birdie
  8. Damn Yankees
  9. Tommy
  10. Jesus Christ Superstar

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Snow Crash: The Movie

If you haven’t yet read Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash, I highly suggest you do. Some of the events in the book can be paralleled to real life situations (particularly issues such as hyper-inflation and corporate owned city-states or “burbclaves”). But, this novel would also make for a great movie. The major issue is determining who would match the personalities of the many unique characters.

Naturally, this list is incomplete, and focuses on the more important roles in the novel.

Hiro Protagonist: Almost certainly I would cast Will Smith in this role. Hiro is not particularly nerdy; in fact, his attitude is more suited towards Will Smith than anyone else.

Y.T.: “Yours Truly” would need to be played by someone who can act the “punk” role; I would go with Anna Paquin, who played “Rogue” in the X-Men films.

Yes, I do realize that Y.T. is a bit younger than Anna Paquin.

Juanita Marquez: I don’t know why, especially since Juanita is a small role, but I would cast Catherine Zeta-Jones here.

Da5id Meier: Jeff Goldblum; the role fits him perfectly.

Dr. Emanuel Lagos: I know, I’m really pulling some of these people from Independence Day, but Brent Spiner would be great here, playing the techie doctor.

Uncle Enzo: This is tough; I would have to say Robert De Niro. He has the same tough guy/nice guy persona that Enzo possesses.

The Librarian: The old “man” who helps Hiro do research while in the Metaverse would be best played by Morgan Freeman.

Raven: Someone big and powerful would fit this role nicely. Michael Clarke Duncan, from Sin City, The Green Mile, and The Whole Nine Yards, would be best suited to the role.…

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MacGruber Movie

Yes, you read right! A MacGruber movie is under the final stages of production and is set to come out during the summer of 2010. Will Forte’s hilarious parody of the popular 80’s MacGyver series has been a part of Saturday Night Live since January of 2007.

In July of 2009,Will Forte announced that a MacGruber based movie was in the works when he appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and it appears that the claim finally has some clout.

On SNL, MacGruber is tasked with deactivating a ticking bomb, but becomes distracted by personal issues of either himself or the people around him. MacGruber has managed to, without fail, fail every time.

Kristen Wiig, who plays MacGruber’s assistant, Vicki, will be a part of the main cast in the movie. Guests who have appeared on the show include: Andy Samburg, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Shia LeBeouf, Bill Hader, and even Richard Dean Anderson, who played the parodied MaGyver. Only actor and SNL cast-member, Bill Hader, will return for the movie. Also cast to star in the movie is Maya Rudolph as MacGruber’s former assistant, Casey.

Though many viewers across America would be perfectly content to watch MacGruber blow himself up every five minutes of the movie as the SNL sketch depicts, there seems to be somewhat of an actual plot to the film.

MacGruber has been awarded a record sixteen purple hearts, three congressional medals of honor, and countless presidential medals of bravery as a Green Beret, SEAL, and Army Ranger. After his fianceé was killed, however, MacGruber has sworn off crime-fighting forever. It is only when his arch-enemy Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) steals a nuclear warhead and the government is forced to “call in the best”, that he agrees to come out of retirement and show …

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Watching Movies

I have to admit I'm not a movie watcher,
But on a Sunday afternoon with my teens
I got to see a few movies I missed
So I will describe a few scenes.

The first one we saw had a long name
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
It was already on when we started to watch
So there was a lot that I had missed.

The second one was The Longshots
I really liked as it had such a knack
It was about the first Pop Warner girl
Who played as the quarterback!

The next one was Seventeen Again
It was a fun movie with lots of heart
I liked the second chance theme
And Zac Efron played a great part.

The next was The Breakfast Club
Which I have seen many times
Seeing Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson
Serving detention for their scolastic crimes.

We bonded so much in the four days
We enjoyed the movies for a few hours
But hungry teenagers need their dinner
Then we had dinner so they could recharge their powers!…

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Get to the Movies of 2010

According to the line-up from The, 2010 is promising to be an eventful year. There are many additions to already loved series coming up, as well as live action versions of already beloved stories. Here is a list (in no particular order) of some of the most anticipated movies of 2010:

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I(November 19th)

The first part of the final installation in the acclaimed J.K. Rowling series, this movie is anticipated because everything that the movies (and books) have been building up to will finally come to an end. Questions will be answered and epic battles be fought. A bonus to this movie is that for all the book nerds out there (like myself) it is being split into two parts because they don’t want to cut anything out of the books. So we should be treated to an actual visual version of the final book. This movie is slated for release on November 19th. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.

2) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse(June 30th)

With the craze that is surrounding these books it is no surprise about how quickly they are releasing the movies to further cash in on the popularity. In this installment, the main conflict is Bella must choose between Edward her vampire and Jacob her werewolf. While people who have read the series already knows who she picks this movie is anticipated because many people will flock to the movies to see how it plays out and to see how they bring this popular movie to life. Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

3) The Book of Eli(January 15th)

This movie takes place in the future and chronicles a man’s struggle as he goes across …

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Gone With The Wind: The Movie

Victor Fleming's Gone With the Wind is a sweeping Civil War epic that follows the life of the insatiable Scarlett O'Hara. The film's elaborate sets, rich costumes, striking technicolor, and beautiful score have entertained audiences for over sixty years.

Like Birth of a Nation, Gone With the Wind is set in the South before, during, and after the Civil War. One of the most famous scenes of the movie is when Scarlett rips down the green curtains at Tara plantation and instructs Mammy to make her a dress. It's interesting to note the similarity between Scarlett's actions and that of the youngest Cameron sister in Birth of a Nation. Both women were members of the genteel southern society. Scarlett changed her clothing to try to get money from Rhett, while the Cameron sister wanted to look presentable for her brother's homecoming; but there is no denying that both women had the desire to look as if their gentility had not been affected by the war.

Scarlett O'Hara is a southern belle living on Tara plantation. At first, she takes an attitude that the land means nothing to her, which her father warns against. During the war, Scarlett learns the value of the land when she returns to it. Destitute, she takes to working the land. The ravages of the war have a taken a toll on the South and Tara plantation. Scarlett laments in one of the most powerful scenes of the movie, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again." The artistic quality of the scene is breathtaking. Scarlett stands in the field lit by the orange and pink hues of the sun, a tree to the right shows the barren leftovers of war. As the camera pans out Scarlett becomes a silhouette against the …

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10 Movie's that Should Be Remade

It is common knowledge that Hollywood will find a successful formula for a movie and bleed it dry. In this tradition, in more recent times, there have been many remakes of older films; often horror. In re-generating past films into new ones a new audience is being reached via generation span and also a new market is being reached for potential sales due to what may be the trend or in style at the time; therefore meaning what may not have brought in big bucks upon initial release may have its day in the sun now.

A lot of the time I do not agree with Hollywood's choices in what to remake, keeping this in mind I decided it would be fun to make a list of ten movies I think deserve to be remade.

  1. MANIAC COP – Horror films have been generating loads of cash at the box office non-stop for years now. The original 1988 film was about a violent cop who was sent to prison, died, and came back to exact revenge on the city that betrayed him. Bruce Campbell starred in the film and that right away explains the level of poor acting and more cult status involved with the project. Even with its basic horror structure of the dead coming back to kill this movie and the tall police villain in it were interesting. Using some of today's better actors and special effects the idea of an un-dead killer policeman seems like a perfect one for a remake.
  2. THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS – They were a popular trading card fad in the 1980's featuring creepy children with gross habits; such as Unzipped Zack who would unzip his face and display his skull. These trading cards were also actually stickers and were geared towards a children

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