10 Movie's that Should Be Remade

It is common knowledge that Hollywood will find a successful formula for a movie and bleed it dry. In this tradition, in more recent times, there have been many remakes of older films; often horror. In re-generating past films into new ones a new audience is being reached via generation span and also a new market is being reached for potential sales due to what may be the trend or in style at the time; therefore meaning what may not have brought in big bucks upon initial release may have its day in the sun now.

A lot of the time I do not agree with Hollywood's choices in what to remake, keeping this in mind I decided it would be fun to make a list of ten movies I think deserve to be remade.

  1. MANIAC COP – Horror films have been generating loads of cash at the box office non-stop for years now. The original 1988 film was about a violent cop who was sent to prison, died, and came back to exact revenge on the city that betrayed him. Bruce Campbell starred in the film and that right away explains the level of poor acting and more cult status involved with the project. Even with its basic horror structure of the dead coming back to kill this movie and the tall police villain in it were interesting. Using some of today's better actors and special effects the idea of an un-dead killer policeman seems like a perfect one for a remake.
  2. THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS – They were a popular trading card fad in the 1980's featuring creepy children with gross habits; such as Unzipped Zack who would unzip his face and display his skull. These trading cards were also actually stickers and were geared towards a children audience, but many avid collectors of the weird could not help but enjoy them as well. In more recent times the trading cards were re-issued, so why not re-do the poor conceived film? In 1987 a movie project was rushed out to take advantage of the trading card's popularity and revolved around the plot of a boy working in an antique shop is getting bullied around and then accidentally help release the residents of a garbage can from outer space, The Garbage Pail Kids, to help him. The stupid story saw the likes of Foul Phil, Ali Gator, Nat Nerd, Valerie Vomit, Messy Tessie, and more singing and sewing clothes for the main boy to impress the older girl of his dreams. A pathetic film that could be remade to cater to a wider audience with some intelligence who love nostalgia and some gross humor.
  3. NIGHTBREED – A film overlooked more times than not about a man and his connection to the world of "monsters" below a cemetery. The man and monsters face doom as they are tracked down by a different type of "monster": man, and a serial killer as played by famed director David Cronenberg. This movie was very entertaining, as are most things written and directed by Clive Barker. However the film ended with a cliffhanger and a sequel was never made. I think with the recent announcements that Hellraiser will be remade that they should look into this lesser known work and give it a new treatment. Powerful story and with today's special effects if it were done correctly a worthy sequel could then be explored.
  4. DOOM – Another in a long line of disappointing video game inspired films, DOOM (even more so than Resident Evil) strayed too far from the video game plot to be enjoyable. In the video game the creatures being fought are spawns of hell and demons! The movie turned them into just another run -of-the-mill genetic mistake and mutants. The action and hellish concept behind DOOM the video game could make for a great movie, but they need to stick to the core audience of adults and not sugar coat it.
  5. SPIDERMAN – I don't think I need to tell you how big this franchise already is. However, I probably have some explaining to do as far as why it needs to be remade. It is simple really: the movies bored me and looked cheesy. The same approach that was given to Batman Begins should be implied and Spiderman should come back as less of a pansy and without the villains looking like cheap Power Ranger knock offs. Sam Rami's style can be seen all over the film series since he directed it and I could compare them to the B flicks like his Evil Dead series as far as craftsmanship goes.
  6. ROBOCOP – This 1987 film about a man turned into a cyborg and almost unstoppable law enforcement entity was entertaining…in 1987. The special effects and such seemed cutting edge back then and the concept and story are pretty good. To put this and Maniac Cop on the same list may seem redundant to some, but technically RoboCop is not "un-dead" and he is a good guy; not to mentioned one has a very sci-fi action theme and the other horror. I think a remake of RoboCop would be a great success in todays superhero film market.
  7. GONE WITH THE WIND – A classic that makes the top lists of almost every movie critic, that was alive when it was released. I have never seen the movie and because it is an older movie a lot of people will never have the desire to see it. If it is as great as it is chalked up to be then I would love to see it remade so that I too could get in on the story, then I might even be compelled to go back and watch the original for comparison's sake.
  8. THE WIZARD OF OZ – Take out some of the bad music and exploit the darker themes a bit more and I think The Wizard of Oz could be a smash hit as a remake.
  9. NATURAL BORN KILLERS – Controversy has always surrounded this Oliver Stone movie, but not just because of the excessive violence and messages about the media in society. The writer of the original story was Quentin Tarantino, however Oliver Stone and a team of re-writes apparently changed the property to suit their visions. Tarantino I still credited with the work, however it is in protest because he was against what Oliver Stone did with the project. One can go and buy the Tarantino version of the screenplay at Border's book stores and I think it would be interesting to see him film the project with his original vision and see just what all the fuss was about.
  10. THE RISE AND FALL OF LEGS DIAMOND – This was a 1960's movie about the most notoriously hard to kill gangster to ever live: Jack "Legs" Diamond. The film also inspired a Broadway musical. My including this at number 1 on the list is sort of self-serving since the fact is I have written a screenplay myself chronicling the rise and fall of Mr. Diamond. The remake I envision would not be a remake in the sense of following the same structure of the original film, but rather a new film altogether in an attempt to explore the man behind the violent headlines. The man's life fascinates me and therefore I am compelled to put this one at number one; would make a great movie.