Dispatches: The Trouble With Boris (Channel 4): A Year Long Investigation into the Current Mayor of London

Irish comedian Dara O’Briain makes light during his stand-up that if he had known that presenting Have I Got News For You would have got him the Mayor of London job he wouldn’t have settled for Mock the Week. Although it’s a great joke it does serve an example where the truth is far more bizarre than the set up.

Boris Johnson One Year Later

Dispatches, Channel 4’s long running investigative journalism programme, has tackled many controversial topics over the years such as religious hatred, war and poor school teaching. Now it’s the turn of journalist-cum-politician Boris Johnson (real name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) who went from foolish appearances on HIGNFY to the top mayoral job in the UK.

It doesn’t seem like it but a year has passed since Bo Jo was elected Mayor of London by beating Ken Livingston. Here reporter Antony Barnett examines Boris’s time in office and his plans for the capital’s future, such as his contradictory environmental policy and the shaky build-up to the 2012 Olympics.

Boris and the Bendy Buses

Regardless of his image Boris is of course no stranger to TV portraying him as stupid and clumsy but he does know how the media works. This documentary depicted Boris as a master at creating an image and pandering to opinion although exposed that what he says and what he does are completely different.

There was a small selection of interesting clips showing Boris being grilled at meetings about his intervention in calling for Ian Blair’s resignation as the nation’s top cop and the Damian Green arrest, which he was told about in advance. Barnett talked to many groups and other party politicians, who obviously would disprove of Johnson’s actions, but besides a short interview with Barnett there was very little input …

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Superhero Movies

Top Ten List

I’ve seen some of the lists offered on this site and I wanted to set the record straight. I’m a huge fan of superhero movies and I wanted to put together a list that would serve as a guide going forward into the 21st century. I specifically looked at style, substance, and how much the film makes you suspend your disbelief. For the sake of brevity, I categorized some of the films by franchise. With that being said, here is my list:

10. Ghost Rider (2007)

The Good: Nicholas Cage comes across as the free-wheeling stunt man, Johnny Blaze. Cage communicates the idea of being resolved to ones fate as he carries on with the knowledge that he has made a pact with the devil. One night, his skull catches fire and he transforms into the justice seeking wraith, Ghost Rider. This is an interesting play on the “cursed soul” trying to do good and Eva Mendez makes any movie better. He rides a motorcycle with flaming wheels, wields a chain, and can use his gaze to place evil-doers into a coma. The Bad: The villain Blackheart is played by Wes Bentley. He is joined by a group of elemental henchmen. Blackheart is the son of Satan (Peter Fonda) and becomes Legion once he obtains a contract of souls. His power is he can suck the life out of people. The Ugly: There’s not really a climactic battle at the end of the film. Instead, there is a realization by Blaze that he can control his power and does not have to do Satan’s bidding.

9. The Incredibles (2004)

The Good: This film is a parody on the idea of a superhero by showing what happens when these heroes grow old and have families. There is …

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