Man Shops Globe on Sundance Channel: Anthropologie’s Buyer Takes Viewers around the World

Recently, Sarah Barnett, EVP and General Manager of Sundance Channel and Man Shops Globe host Keith Johnson spoke to the Television Critics Association about the new reality show. Johnson has been with the Anthropologie stores since the beginning and has brought countless treasures home from around the world for their customers.

“Keith Johnson’s unique eye for the fresh and the new takes us around the globe as we join in his adventure to tap creativity,” said Barnett. The show is “part travelogue, part treasure hunt,


part artistic quest.” She added, “As we follow Johnson’s journey to bring home amazing objects to the novel space of the Anthropologie retail chain, we (the viewers) become fascinated by Johnson’s way of looking [for items], and it opens our own eyes to a novel way of looking at the visual world around us.”

This is a unique show in that it follows an actual buyer for a popular retail store that is famous for interesting and unique items.

Traveling Around the World to Find Interesting Products

“I think my job is fairly unique in that I’m buying for a creative team back in the States who are going to reinterpret lots of things that I buy, and designs, [and I am] also buying antiques just to have in our stores as props and as things for sale. So the particular mix of what I do is, I think, pretty unique. And it affords me an opportunity to go to places around the world for different things that, if I were just an antique dealer, it would be hard to justify. But I can do so many different things because my brief is so large,” explained Johnson, who obviously enjoys his job.

“A lot of who we are as a fashion company is driven …

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Movies in the Mountains

Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance’s Movies on the Square

There’s something magical about sitting under the stars watching a movie on a large screen with a cool summer breeze swirling about. My children and I have been joining other families on Friday nights at Movies on the Square. Every year from the end of May to the beginning of September, the Downtown Business Alliance’s Movies on the Square takes place at the Heritage Square. The Heritage Square is located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff, just off the famous Route 66.

The movie begins just after dusk, following an entertainment act by a local group of some sort. The performances are typically musical acts but we have more recently watched gymnasts and dancers display their talents. This is the second year we are partaking in this free event, and the movies shown are always family-friendly and rated G or PG. Each week’s film is sponsored by a local business or agency and concession stands offer drinks, popcorn and other snacks. There are also a few excellent local eateries nearby waiting to cater to movie-goers. It is also always an option to take dinner from home or pick up something on the way there.

Parking spaces are sometimes difficult to come by, therefore, it is advised to arrive early to not only park close, but to also stake out a great spot to settle in for the evening and enjoy the show. It is a wonderful drug and alcohol-free family event which draws many people of all ages. We enjoy this Friday night outing among the crowd of people sitting on camping chairs, beach chairs, or just rolled up on the ground in their sleeping bags.

I enjoy this weekly event with my four children, all aged 7 and younger because they …

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The Influence of Music Blogs

For the last six years of my life I have been living the life of a student and avid fan of music. I am a senior in Drexel’s Music Industry program and have been apart of the Philadelphia music scene ever since my freshman year. Of all of the classes and all of the experiences I have partaken in and learned from, there is an obvious phenomenon that has emerged into the industry over the last decade: Music Blogs. Blogs in general are everywhere these days. You can find blogs about anything, as well. What I find interesting is the effect of such blogs, and specifically, music blogs and their effect on the general public.

In 2004 The Arcade Fire, an indie-rock band from Montreal released their debut album Funeral on the independent label Merge Records. This band had only played regionally and had really only formed one year prior to the release. Some would guess that this band would not do well without a major label, but lucky for them, the biggest music blog in the world reviewed their album. Funeral got a 9.7 rating out of 10 on Pitchfork Media. With just this review, Merge Records sold out of inventory of Funeral and it also became the label’s first album to make the Billboard 200 chart. Needless to say, The Arcade Fire was the first Internet phenomenon and put Canadian music on the map.

But what exactly is Pitchfork Media and how did just one positive review jumpstart a whole country-worth of music? Pitchfork Media is a daily Internet publication based out of Chicago, IL, which focuses on music reviews, criticism, news, interviews and commentary. Established in 1995, Pitchfork grew into the biggest name for music on the Internet within nine years. Positive quotes from Pitchfork reviews are …

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