10 Movie's that Should Be Remade

It is common knowledge that Hollywood will find a successful formula for a movie and bleed it dry. In this tradition, in more recent times, there have been many remakes of older films; often horror. In re-generating past films into new ones a new audience is being reached via generation span and also a new market is being reached for potential sales due to what may be the trend or in style at the time; therefore meaning what may not have brought in big bucks upon initial release may have its day in the sun now.

A lot of the time I do not agree with Hollywood's choices in what to remake, keeping this in mind I decided it would be fun to make a list of ten movies I think deserve to be remade.

  1. MANIAC COP – Horror films have been generating loads of cash at the box office non-stop for years now. The original 1988 film was about a violent cop who was sent to prison, died, and came back to exact revenge on the city that betrayed him. Bruce Campbell starred in the film and that right away explains the level of poor acting and more cult status involved with the project. Even with its basic horror structure of the dead coming back to kill this movie and the tall police villain in it were interesting. Using some of today's better actors and special effects the idea of an un-dead killer policeman seems like a perfect one for a remake.
  2. THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS – They were a popular trading card fad in the 1980's featuring creepy children with gross habits; such as Unzipped Zack who would unzip his face and display his skull. These trading cards were also actually stickers and were geared towards a children

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