Watching Movies

I have to admit I'm not a movie watcher,
But on a Sunday afternoon with my teens
I got to see a few movies I missed
So I will describe a few scenes.

The first one we saw had a long name
Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
It was already on when we started to watch
So there was a lot that I had missed.

The second one was The Longshots
I really liked as it had such a knack
It was about the first Pop Warner girl
Who played as the quarterback!

The next one was Seventeen Again
It was a fun movie with lots of heart
I liked the second chance theme
And Zac Efron played a great part.

The next was The Breakfast Club
Which I have seen many times
Seeing Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson
Serving detention for their scolastic crimes.

We bonded so much in the four days
We enjoyed the movies for a few hours
But hungry teenagers need their dinner
Then we had dinner so they could recharge their powers!…

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