Miami in the Movies and on TV

10 Movie and TV Sets that I Wouldn’t Mind Living In

With its warm climate and unique architecture, Miami has been the setting of a number of TV shows and movies over the years. The houses of the characters reflects this. Here are 10 such homes that I wouldn’t mind living in, depending on the situation.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 
Ace’s apartment

Jim Carrey broke out into the mainstream with this 1994 release, in which he plays a Ace Venturay, a strange man who investigates crimes against pets. Ace’s small, cluttered Miami apartment might not look like much, but every time he walks in, his dogs run to greet him and birds perch on his arms. What animal lover wouldn’t want that?

Any Given Sunday 
Tony D’Amato’s mansion

Oliver Stone’s 1999 sports offering depicts professional football as being money-driven, so it’s not surprising that you see some of the characters living large. Head coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) lives in a beautiful mansion (a real-life building in nearby Fort Lauderdale) with a large dining area and sliding glass doors, not to mention the massive TV showing the chariot scene in Ben-Hur. If you can’t get into this place, try Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino’s house, which was used in the movie, as well.

Bad Boys II 
Mike Lowry’s waterfront house

In the Bad Boys movies, Miami cop Mike Lowry (Will Smith) is a rich man who decides to become a police officer. His difficult job doesn’t keep him from living in a nice Miami Beach house on the waterfront. Since they blew up the Delray Beach mansion that the villain lived in, Lowry’s place is a good backup.

Big Trouble 
Arthur Herk’s house

While he’s a jerk, Arthur Herk (Stanley Tucci) enjoys life in a …

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Superhero Movies

Top Ten List

I’ve seen some of the lists offered on this site and I wanted to set the record straight. I’m a huge fan of superhero movies and I wanted to put together a list that would serve as a guide going forward into the 21st century. I specifically looked at style, substance, and how much the film makes you suspend your disbelief. For the sake of brevity, I categorized some of the films by franchise. With that being said, here is my list:

10. Ghost Rider (2007)

The Good: Nicholas Cage comes across as the free-wheeling stunt man, Johnny Blaze. Cage communicates the idea of being resolved to ones fate as he carries on with the knowledge that he has made a pact with the devil. One night, his skull catches fire and he transforms into the justice seeking wraith, Ghost Rider. This is an interesting play on the “cursed soul” trying to do good and Eva Mendez makes any movie better. He rides a motorcycle with flaming wheels, wields a chain, and can use his gaze to place evil-doers into a coma. The Bad: The villain Blackheart is played by Wes Bentley. He is joined by a group of elemental henchmen. Blackheart is the son of Satan (Peter Fonda) and becomes Legion once he obtains a contract of souls. His power is he can suck the life out of people. The Ugly: There’s not really a climactic battle at the end of the film. Instead, there is a realization by Blaze that he can control his power and does not have to do Satan’s bidding.

9. The Incredibles (2004)

The Good: This film is a parody on the idea of a superhero by showing what happens when these heroes grow old and have families. There is …

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What Not to Do at the Movies

Taboos in the Cinema

It never fails. I am seated quite nicely in the theater when a couple arriving during the previews decides to sit directly in front of me, only to make their romantic comedy. Please, please, do not be these people. Remember you are not the only person in the theater. Several rules are posted in the theater regarding conduct, but some unwritten rules exist.

Refrain from kicking the back of my seat. This is less of a problem in a stadium style seated theater, but in case we are in a traditional cinema, keep your feet off my seat. Also, please make sure your kid is not kicking the back of my seat either. Also be aware that the seats in front of you are not footrests, peoples heads will be where your dirty pair of shoes once rested, show some courtesy.

Open your smuggled drink prior to the start of the feature. Listen, if you want to circumvent the horrible prices at the concession stand, be a polite crook and open that bottle or can prior to when the dialog I paid ten bucks for starts. That goes for that crinkly bag of chips too!

Do not bring in a full course meal. I am so sorry you missed dinner, it is not like the theater posts the times the movies start in about fifty locations. How could you possibly know that the rest of the theater does not want to smell your sandwich, pizza, or even fried chicken? Stop at the concession stand and buy some popcorn, maybe even a few Jr. Mints, if you are hungry. Or even, perish the thought, use that brain of yours and allow enough time to stop and eat BEFORE coming to the movie.

The rest

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Dark Tower Movie

So there is a rumor that J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek) and Stephen King are talking.
Talking about making not one, not two, but seven Dark Tower movies. Whether these movies will be based on the novels or the graphic novels is unknown at this point.

Today I went to see an old friend of mine and we got to talking about this possible series and who we would cast as each of the characters. The list follows:

My ideal “Dark Tower” movie cast:

Roland- Mickey Rourke 
One bad ass (see Sin City “Marv”) I think he could play Roland 
very well and be versatile enough to encompass all that Roland is 
and becomes

Eddie- Johnny Depp or Christan Bale 
Johnny Depp can do anything and do it well. He is very versatile and 
can convince people that he is a crazed Heroin addict who becomes 
a gunslinger. Christan Bale is big right now and shows off his 
gunslinger/ sword fu in Equilibrium

Cuthbert- Ryan Reynolds 
Sexy, smart ass, and cut. Ryan played Dead pool perfectly and I can 
hear him mouthing off to Roland. I could also see him as Eddie.

Jake- Ed Sanders 
This little guy stole my heart and the show in Sweeney Todd. He 
also works really well with Johnny Depp. I think he is one talented 

Susannah- Judy Reyes or Jada Pickett Smith 
Both a strong women who have done well in their fields. Jada is 
an overall phenomenal woman. And I loved Judy as Carla on Scrubs 
for the past eight years. She was never afraid to speak her mind 
and she was vulnerable and tough at the same time.

Cort- Bruce Willis 
Bald bad ass 
That is all

Man in Black- Cillian Murphy 
The Scarecrow in both new Batman movies. Creepy …

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Movies Everyone Can Love!

One of the biggest problems when picking a movie for any group of people is that it’s so hard to please everyone; when you’re on a date, it’s made a little worse because the fate of any relationship may rest on this pick. It probably won’t ruin your chances altogether, but selecting a bad movie can alter the tone of the evening. Your tastes may vary but in my book, a good date movie should have a little romance and a lot of humor, and something that can provoke conversation later. You can’t always pick the perfect movie, but if you don’t know what they’re into, here are a few suggestions that might help you get started:

Stranger than Fiction 
Will Ferrell is an actor who is unfortunately cast often to play a loud and slightly stupid character–as a result, he can be a bit of a turn-off to anyone who doesn’t much care for loud and stupid people. This film really is an example of his range as an actor, as he plays instead the quiet, mumbling Harold Crick: a tax auditor who starts to hear his life narrated by a woman with an English accent. He’s convinced he’s going a little crazy, but becomes really concerned when she announces that he is going to die. Meanwhile, an English writer is having writer’s block–as she can’t quite figure out how to kill off the protagonist in her new novel. Dustin Hoffman comes in as a literature professor Harold consults for information on his situation, Queen Latifah is a new assistant for the authoress, and Maggie Gyllenhaal appears as a woman Harold’s supposed to be auditing, but finds himself falling for. All in all, it’s a surprisingly smart, funny, and romantic film that is easily one of my all-time favorites.…

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Hive Mind – the Movie

Watch it Before They Get You

Hive Mind. Now that is a scary thought. The term comes from the social collective consciousness of insects such as bees and ants. The Hive Mind is said to come about through subtle subconscious influences and pressure from peers and society as a whole. Everyone who thinks and feels the same group together into ‘hives’. It is a natural way we tend to form friendships and the way we influence our friends as well.

The ever so popular Social Media of Face Book, My Space, and Twitter have gained such status by enabling people from across the globe to join together and form their own ‘hives’. Some are more diverse than others, but human nature causes us to group with those who tend to think like us.

Now people often agree to disagree and still engage with others out of their little ‘hive’ and ideas are still exchanged. But Disagreements do erupt and fights still ensue only because as individuals we still have control of our minds.

Now what if technology made it possible for everyone to think and feel the same?

This is where Hive Mind takes you.

Hive Mind, an Independent film by Ladd Erlinger Jr, explores the what if of a government given the technology to create a Hive Mind, controlling all thought processes, creating an utopia society without wars. They created a perfect world of people whose only purpose is to do everything for the greater good.

Now the concept of a Hive Mind has been used before, The Borg in Star Trek, the Bugs in Starship Troopers, and in Isaac Asimov’s Nemesis and Hallucination. But Ladd’s film of a man made Hive Mind is far more eerie considering the advancements of Technology and the …

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