Christian Music Rock Show

To start off, I’m going to say, having been to a show myself, this is the kind of experience everyone could enjoy. There is a good variety of local and distant bands, as well as a variety of music. Punk, pop-punk, hardcore, christian contemporary, and acoustic are just some of the genres you might find at Gethsemane Christan Shows.

Other than music, there are a few other things one could enjoy at a Gethsemane Christian Show. Food and drinks are sold to help support everything required to put a show together and the future shows to come. Dramatic plays done by some of the local youth are captivating enough to keep the attention of nearly anyone. Bands often sell merchandise and cds.

Overall, the Gethsemane Christian Shows are a good experience for people of all ages. Entrance prices vary, but are quite affordable for anyone. For more information on the next show, requests to play the show, or to find a way you can help, email Jenna at or at

Gethsemane Christian Shows

Next Show: May 02, 2009

Time: 7:00 pm

Where: Gethsemane United Methodist Church

PO BOX 185, Allport, Pennsylvania 16821



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