Dark Tower Movie

So there is a rumor that J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek) and Stephen King are talking.
Talking about making not one, not two, but seven Dark Tower movies. Whether these movies will be based on the novels or the graphic novels is unknown at this point.

Today I went to see an old friend of mine and we got to talking about this possible series and who we would cast as each of the characters. The list follows:

My ideal “Dark Tower” movie cast:

Roland- Mickey Rourke 
One bad ass (see Sin City “Marv”) I think he could play Roland 
very well and be versatile enough to encompass all that Roland is 
and becomes

Eddie- Johnny Depp or Christan Bale 
Johnny Depp can do anything and do it well. He is very versatile and 
can convince people that he is a crazed Heroin addict who becomes 
a gunslinger. Christan Bale is big right now and shows off his 
gunslinger/ sword fu in Equilibrium

Cuthbert- Ryan Reynolds 
Sexy, smart ass, and cut. Ryan played Dead pool perfectly and I can 
hear him mouthing off to Roland. I could also see him as Eddie.

Jake- Ed Sanders 
This little guy stole my heart and the show in Sweeney Todd. He 
also works really well with Johnny Depp. I think he is one talented 

Susannah- Judy Reyes or Jada Pickett Smith 
Both a strong women who have done well in their fields. Jada is 
an overall phenomenal woman. And I loved Judy as Carla on Scrubs 
for the past eight years. She was never afraid to speak her mind 
and she was vulnerable and tough at the same time.

Cort- Bruce Willis 
Bald bad ass 
That is all

Man in Black- Cillian Murphy 
The Scarecrow in both new Batman movies. Creepy to a t, especially 
with those eyes of his. He could do Man in Black very well.

Stephen Deschain/ Narrator- Sam Elliott 
Classic old cowboy actor

The Crimson King- voice of Mark Hamill 
You may laugh but he played a very creepy Joker in the old Batman 
cartoon and he does creepy crazy well.

One of the Coffin Hunters- Ron Perlman 
Pure gold

Susan- Natalie Portman 
Susan is younger but Natalie is fresh faced enough to pull it off 
plus she did really well in V for Vendetta.

I can picture each of these actors/actresses in my mind. They are well known, phenomenal talents that could take this epic project head on and do well. Succeed. Blow the competition away. If J.J Abrams and Stephen King have an ounce of sense, maybe they would cast these people and win not only Oscars but a chance to make beautiful, epic movies that are true to the novels or graphic novels and loved by Dark Tower Fans.

At least that is what I think. Cast suggestions are welcome 😉


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