Hive Mind – the Movie

Watch it Before They Get You

Hive Mind. Now that is a scary thought. The term comes from the social collective consciousness of insects such as bees and ants. The Hive Mind is said to come about through subtle subconscious influences and pressure from peers and society as a whole. Everyone who thinks and feels the same group together into ‘hives’. It is a natural way we tend to form friendships and the way we influence our friends as well.

The ever so popular Social Media of Face Book, My Space, and Twitter have gained such status by enabling people from across the globe to join together and form their own ‘hives’. Some are more diverse than others, but human nature causes us to group with those who tend to think like us.

Now people often agree to disagree and still engage with others out of their little ‘hive’ and ideas are still exchanged. But Disagreements do erupt and fights still ensue only because as individuals we still have control of our minds.

Now what if technology made it possible for everyone to think and feel the same?

This is where Hive Mind takes you.

Hive Mind, an Independent film by Ladd Erlinger Jr, explores the what if of a government given the technology to create a Hive Mind, controlling all thought processes, creating an utopia society without wars. They created a perfect world of people whose only purpose is to do everything for the greater good.

Now the concept of a Hive Mind has been used before, The Borg in Star Trek, the Bugs in Starship Troopers, and in Isaac Asimov’s Nemesis and Hallucination. But Ladd’s film of a man made Hive Mind is far more eerie considering the advancements of Technology and the world today.

Hive Mind is set in the not too distant future where through implanted cell phone devices, someone or something has taken control of everyone’s mind, successfully eliminating war, pollution, poverty. And it also eliminated freedom.

Centered around the last freedom loving person left, Doug Trench, (Doug Trent), you are giving a look into how a once free society is now enslaved to the hive mind. Doug, living in an undisclosed bunker for 20 years, broadcasts his Last Radio Broadcast hoping to reach someone who may also be out there , fighting the hive mind.

He takes us through his own personal fight of resisting the Hive Mind, and desperately tries to warn anyone left about it, all the while knowing his broadcasting is just allowing the Hive Mind to find him.

Hive Mind, while slightly long, it is well worth a watch, and will definitely get you thinking.

View with those who view of today’s society differs from yours and I guarantee many good discussions will be had. Because we are not Hive Mind…..Yet.

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