How to Find New Movies

Visit Film Festivals
There are hundreds of film festivals that take place annually throughout the country offering new movies to audiences. Some film festival events offer free admission as well, eliminating expenses of visiting regular movie theaters. Top tier film festivals like Sundance even attract celebrities, making these events a fun way to find new movies. Search online and through printed film festival programs to read descriptions of new movies that may be of interest of you. These film festival listings usually provide information on when and where new movies will be showing at their event. They can be one of the most exciting resources when learning how to find new movies.

Read Newsletters from a Movie Club or DVD Rental Service
Many DVD rental stores and movie clubs for genre films have membership programs that include a free subscription to their newsletter. These clubs and DVD rental stores publish newsletters in print or email form to provide their members with information on new movies that are currently available and coming soon. Smaller DVD rental stores and movie clubs promote art films more than larger chains like Blockbuster, FYE and Tower. These newsletters provide a way to find new movies that go under the mainstream radar on a regular basis. Some DVD clubs even offer their newsletter for free to build a customer base, making them a cheap way to find new movies.

Join a Movie Subscription Service
Companies like Film Movement delivers DVDs based on selections by program curators. This is an adventurous way to find new movies, as you gain access to films that you may not be familiar with otherwise. Services like the one offered at Film Movement operates similar to those Columbia House movie club offers where members agree to pay monthly subscriptions to receive entertainment products. There may be an impression that only an elite group of film lovers use these types of services. However, a DVD subscription plan may be just what you need to find new movies.

Subscribe to Cable or Satellite TV service
Nearly all Cable or Satellite TV networks provide original movies every week. This can be an expensive way to find new movies but is very effective in reaching this goal. A basic cable or Satellite TV service package can help you find new movies, even if premium channels like HBO and Showtime are not available. Basic TV networks broadcast their own original made-for-TV movies that may be more enjoyable than Hollywood films playing at your local theater. Another advantage to having one of these services if that you get an extensive on-screen TV guide, making it easier to find new movies.