How to Watch a Movie!

The Matrix: A Different View

OK, you know how to watch a movie, it is simple, right? You sit down with your snacks and beverages and you watch it. Let me tell you there is more to the movie than you may realize. Movies are very influential on us as a society and it is mostly unnoticed. People feel pressure to act like movie stars or dress like them. Women are often left feeling unattractive in comparison to movie actresses. Men constantly mimic and repeat things they have seen done by that certain actor. This is all fact and it has been covered before I am sure. This is not what I am talking about. I am also not talking about the huge following of certain features such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

I am talking about the messages we are given from the movie that may not be so clear. I may look into movies more than the next person. Movies shape public opinion on certain subjects ranging from science, politics, fashion and relationships. I have always enjoyed watching movies but at a point in time I began to get bored in just watching them for mere entertainment. I started analyzing them and determining what if any message the creator was trying to send to me.

Let me give you an example: The Matrix was a very successful movie, entertaining, full of special effects and action. It was the story of a group of humans trying to free the rest of us from the matrix a computerized world that only existed in our minds. We were all connected to this matrix as a battery or power source for the matrix. If you remember the movie we were kept in these huge rooms in a pod with all these cables coming out of us connected to the power grid. We were all oblivious to the fact that our whole lives were only lived in our minds, that reality was not real. The reality was we were just a battery for the matrix and once we stopped producing power we were simply tossed in the garbage like well a used up battery. We were then promptly replaced with a new battery. OK so you get the point if you watched the movie then you know all the wonderful details of the story and plot I won’t go into them because in case you haven’t seen the movie I don’t want to ruin it for you.

OK now let me explain the matrix as I see it. The Matrix is representing the world perhaps just the United States or whatever country you may live in. We are all connected to this matrix as a battery in reality. A battery is a power source that powers some device. The power we produce is in financial capital. The item powered by us is the government through taxes, the economy through producing, buying and selling goods and services. It is a fact that if we all did not produce some sort of income or service the government and economy would sputter and come to a screeching halt. This has been proved across the world in more than a few economies and governments. One might argue that we are free and not forced to be a battery for our country. In the movie they were not free. Freedom is a relative truth not an absolute truth. Yes U.S. citizens are considered to live in a free country. Certain rights are afforded to us and called freedoms. The truth is that we also live in a reality that is only real in our heads. Don’t get out the restraints yet. Absolute freedom is not possible, the closest thing to that is Anarchy. Even anarchy is not absolute freedom. We are bound by money and it has enslaved us all. We are controlled by moral rules that every human inherently knows. We also run out of power after a certain period of time. We either get old and retire or are disabled and unable to produce power and then instead of being thrown in the garbage we become a part of the system drawing power like the government and the economy. In the movie, The Matrix, the system failed many times before they got it right, according to agent Smith. The Utopian world where everything is perfect did not even work. History buffs would know better than I as to the many different times throughout our history the systems (economies, Countries) failed and eventually were replaced. If you think your free to do whatever you want then go and do something illegal and make sure to let the cops know you are going to do it and see how free you are then. Now, you might say I am free to do to my body what I want. Go and get some drugs, like acid or some other particular illegal drug and use it and call the cops and tell them you have done it, what will happen? OK these examples you might argue are pointless because you were free to make such decisions regardless of the consequences. If you are arrested for doing something then you are at that point in time no longer free. You have now been removed of most of your rights and given a different set of rights. I love our country as much as most of you do. I am not an anarchist or anything like that at all. I am just pointing out that maybe The Matrix and countless other movies are telling us in a way that we will listen that things are not quite as they seem. Perception is not always correct and easily confused as reality. I challenge you to be more aware of the movies, television shows and even the news you watch. Look for the message or theme that is being broadcast to you. Determine for yourself what is correct and what is slanted towards a certain view of thinking. If you do not look then how shall you see? If you do not listen then how shall you hear? If you do not speak then how will you be heard? In closing this is what I like about Associated Content the ability of anyone to report news, or opinions on just about any topic they feel needs to be discussed. Perhaps I have rambled on past the point of the Matrix but do not dismiss this writing without some thought on the words that you have just read.


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