Life on Discovery Channel: An Eleven-Hour Series About the Diversity of Animals on the Planet

Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, Life takes viewers on a journey into the diversity of natural history. This landmark event took more than four years to make. The filmmakers spent over 3,000 days filming the unique habitats of the animals that reside on the planet, as they have never been seen before.

From the Brown-Tufted Capuchin monkeys in Brazil, who have learned to use tools to crack their nuts, to the tiny Strawberry poison dart/arrow frog in Costa Rica who climbs trees every day to care for her unborn children, the circle of life unfolds like never before.

Among the creatures that viewers will discover in this epic series are the Weedy Sea Dragon of Australia, the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia, The Humpback Whale in Tonga, Vogelkop Bowerbirds in West Papua, and more. Life on every continent is explored. And with life comes death, as a group of three Cheetah brothers gang up together to kill an Ostrich in Africa. Life is diverse as it can be, and this series brings all its wonder and majesty to the screen.

Discovery Channel and the BBC

The series is a collaboration between Discovery Channel and the BBC. Rupert Barrington of the BBC told a gathering of journalists at a celebration to kick off the series in the Getty Center in Los Angeles, “Making the series has been a long and very personal experience.” He said it has been “a privilege for me” to be associated with the landmark series.

The Discovery Channel and the BBC are known for their epic nature series’. The Blue Planet (2001) and Planet Earth (2006) both received high acclaim from viewers and critics. Life follows in this tradition, not only with its bold and graphic depiction of life on earth, but also with the music that accompanies the incredible scenes.

Mark Watters conducted members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic during the press screening of the premier episode. He said he would like to see music in documentaries become a new category. The music in this series is extraordinary and deserves recognition. The original music was composed by Fred Karnes and Richard Fiocca.

Life – The Series

With more than 30 million different animal and plant species on the planet, the diversity is amazing. This 11-part series reveals many beautiful as well as bizarre behaviors and creatures. By using new technology and state-of-the-art high-definition techniques, the filmmakers are able to bring some extraordinary footage to the screen. Viewers are in for an incredible treat. This is a colorful, educational, often humorous, and most definitely astounding series.

The first episode of Life premiers Sunday, March 21, 2010 on Discovery Channel. It is a worthwhile series for the entire family.


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