Looking for New Music? 4 Ways to Find Great Music

How many times have we heard the same song play on the radio at least three times within an hour? Ready for something new?

Radio stations provide listeners with great music to listen to while relaxing, working, driving a car, whatever you might be doing. Listening to the same music over and over again is very excruciating. You find yourself browsing through other stations.

Ways to find great music you won’t be tired of:

1. Genius 
An application on iTunes, Genuis is a great tool for discovering music very similar to your music. This is especially handy with those few favorites you listen to a few times a day. The latest version of iTunes includes Genius. From the Genius Sidebar, you can click on the similar songs provided and a 30-second sample will be played.

2. The Radio 
First, some stations have certain hours during which they play new music. For example, Chicago’s 101.9 play’s new music at 9pm. It is a great break from the usual radio playlist. You might even decide to download the song being played!

Second, you may find yourself going through the tuner on the radio. This is a great idea for exploring different radio stations with new genres of music you never knew you liked. You will discover Spanish, pop, hip-hop, classical, christian, rock, and jazz music among others.

3. Talk With Others 
Every person has different songs that they love. Next time you meet with a friend, ask them suggestions for music that they know you like to listen to. You may find a song that will become your favorite for a long time!

4. Websites 
Typing in “new music” or “music for ____”(i.e. exercising) on the internet will bring you many search results. If you are looking for music for a specific purpose such as easy listening, relaxing, yoga, exercising, and working, type it in and you are guaranteed to find something. New music is created almost daily. Do your research and you will find interesting, new songs!

*Sample Top Alternative Songs:

Believe in Me by Demi Lovato 
Amazing by Parachute Band 
Down by Safety Suit 
Please Don’t Stop the Rain by James Morrison 
Under Control by Parachute 
No Boundaries by Kris Allen 
Sky by Joshua Radin 
Her Diamons by Rob Thomas 
Breakeven by The Script 
Closer to Love by Mat Kearney


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