Miami in the Movies and on TV

10 Movie and TV Sets that I Wouldn’t Mind Living In

With its warm climate and unique architecture, Miami has been the setting of a number of TV shows and movies over the years. The houses of the characters reflects this. Here are 10 such homes that I wouldn’t mind living in, depending on the situation.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 
Ace’s apartment

Jim Carrey broke out into the mainstream with this 1994 release, in which he plays a Ace Venturay, a strange man who investigates crimes against pets. Ace’s small, cluttered Miami apartment might not look like much, but every time he walks in, his dogs run to greet him and birds perch on his arms. What animal lover wouldn’t want that?

Any Given Sunday 
Tony D’Amato’s mansion

Oliver Stone’s 1999 sports offering depicts professional football as being money-driven, so it’s not surprising that you see some of the characters living large. Head coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) lives in a beautiful mansion (a real-life building in nearby Fort Lauderdale) with a large dining area and sliding glass doors, not to mention the massive TV showing the chariot scene in Ben-Hur. If you can’t get into this place, try Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino’s house, which was used in the movie, as well.

Bad Boys II 
Mike Lowry’s waterfront house

In the Bad Boys movies, Miami cop Mike Lowry (Will Smith) is a rich man who decides to become a police officer. His difficult job doesn’t keep him from living in a nice Miami Beach house on the waterfront. Since they blew up the Delray Beach mansion that the villain lived in, Lowry’s place is a good backup.

Big Trouble 
Arthur Herk’s house

While he’s a jerk, Arthur Herk (Stanley Tucci) enjoys life in a beautiful house with plenty of natural light going through the windows and tons of greenery outside. Just watch out for the psychedelic toad. The neighborhood, which is in the city of Coconut Grove, is covered by a thick canopy of trees.

Burn Notice 
Michael Westen’s loft

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. The apartment is a dump! But if I was a spy, I would probably want a cheap place to flop, as well. After all, comfort is a distraction when you’re on guard.

Dave’s World 
Dave Barry’s house

This ’90s sitcom based on the humor books of Dave Barry (played by Harry Anderson) takes place in a pleasant two-story Miami house. The living room is nice and open, but I don’t know if the brick staircase is exactly kid-friendly.

Dexter’s apartment

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) lives a secretive life and, in the first few seasons, lived in a stereotypically Florida apartment. The building, the Bay Harbor Club in Miami Beach, has the architecture of an old Miami Beach condo. The apartment itself has bright colors and small-panel crank-open windows. The only thing I would change is the wall-mounted air conditioner. Nowadays, we use central air in Florida.

The Ricks cottage

Outside of Miami in the Keys, the Ricks family lives on the beach and away from the urban noise in a simple house. More importantly, they have a pet dolphin!

Marley & Me 
The Grogans’ house

Okay, it’s Boca Raton, not Miami. But their house is the same kind of house that you would find all over South Florida. It has a simple ranch design with an open kitchen and lots of natural sunlight.

Tony Montana’s mansion

While the mansion is actually in California, the two parts of the country share Spanish architectural styles. In addition to the big pool and various rooms, the mansion provides security, with several guardposts, and, of course, you can defend yourself from the top of the stairs as Tony Montana (Al Pacino) did.


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