Movies to Watch in May

Holding the number one spot in the Box Office before the release of Marvel Avengers, Battleship is a must-watch for those interested in Naval Warfare, especially against aliens with advanced weapons and land on earth in Transformers look-a-like machines. (The producers of Transformers made this movie.) Be sure to stay till the end as there is a scene after the credits, hinting at a possible sequel.
Battleship is currently showing in cinemas. Watch trailer:

Marvel Avengers
Who wouldn't want to catch a movie with all your favourite childhood heroes in it? Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, Iron Man and the list goes on. In its first weekend in the Box Office, Avengers demolished its rivals and rocketed its way to the number one spot, reminiscent of the time when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows series appeared in cinemas. For the more adventurous, watching it in 3D will definitely set you back less for lunch, but will get you hungry for upcoming sequels in the Marvel franchise.
Marvel Avengers is currently showing in cinemas. Watch trailer:

21 Jump Street
Join a pair of middle-aged detectives who switch their sword for the pen and go undercover in their former high school to investigate and perpetuate a violent drug ring. As they go on their mission, never did any of them expect to encounter the troubling problems they once had when they were in high school. Teenagers will be able to relate to this movie who feel that adults are unable to understand them.
21 Jump Street will open in cinemas on 10th May. Watch trailer:

Snow White and the Huntsmen
In another adaptation of the Snow White classic, Universal Pictures is celebrating its 100th Anniversary with an action-adventure film depicting the intense jealously of a wicked witch sending assassins to kill a young woman undermining her reign in the kingdom. Never did she know that the huntsman was teaching her to fight against the rule of the evil queen. A feel-good movie of good triumphing evil but never before seen in such amazing graphics since the Lord of the Rings series.
Snow White and the Huntsmen will open in cinemas on 31st May. Watch trailer: