Movies Everyone Can Love!

One of the biggest problems when picking a movie for any group of people is that it’s so hard to please everyone; when you’re on a date, it’s made a little worse because the fate of any relationship may rest on this pick. It probably won’t ruin your chances altogether, but selecting a bad movie can alter the tone of the evening. Your tastes may vary but in my book, a good date movie should have a little romance and a lot of humor, and something that can provoke conversation later. You can’t always pick the perfect movie, but if you don’t know what they’re into, here are a few suggestions that might help you get started:

Stranger than Fiction 
Will Ferrell is an actor who is unfortunately cast often to play a loud and slightly stupid character–as a result, he can be a bit of a turn-off to anyone who doesn’t much care for loud and stupid people. This film really is an example of his range as an actor, as he plays instead the quiet, mumbling Harold Crick: a tax auditor who starts to hear his life narrated by a woman with an English accent. He’s convinced he’s going a little crazy, but becomes really concerned when she announces that he is going to die. Meanwhile, an English writer is having writer’s block–as she can’t quite figure out how to kill off the protagonist in her new novel. Dustin Hoffman comes in as a literature professor Harold consults for information on his situation, Queen Latifah is a new assistant for the authoress, and Maggie Gyllenhaal appears as a woman Harold’s supposed to be auditing, but finds himself falling for. All in all, it’s a surprisingly smart, funny, and romantic film that is easily one of my all-time favorites.…

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Life on Discovery Channel: An Eleven-Hour Series About the Diversity of Animals on the Planet

Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, Life takes viewers on a journey into the diversity of natural history. This landmark event took more than four years to make. The filmmakers spent over 3,000 days filming the unique habitats of the animals that reside on the planet, as they have never been seen before.

From the Brown-Tufted Capuchin monkeys in Brazil, who have learned to use tools to crack their nuts, to the tiny Strawberry poison dart/arrow frog in Costa Rica who climbs trees every day to care for her unborn children, the circle of life unfolds like never before.

Among the creatures that viewers will discover in this epic series are the Weedy Sea Dragon of Australia, the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia, The Humpback Whale in Tonga, Vogelkop Bowerbirds in West Papua, and more. Life on every continent is explored. And with life comes death, as a group of three Cheetah brothers gang up together to kill an Ostrich in Africa. Life is diverse as it can be, and this series brings all its wonder and majesty to the screen.

Discovery Channel and the BBC

The series is a collaboration between Discovery Channel and the BBC. Rupert Barrington of the BBC told a gathering of journalists at a celebration to kick off the series in the Getty Center in Los Angeles, “Making the series has been a long and very personal experience.” He said it has been “a privilege for me” to be associated with the landmark series.

The Discovery Channel and the BBC are known for their epic nature series’. The Blue Planet (2001) and Planet Earth (2006) both received high acclaim from viewers and critics. Life follows in this tradition, not only with its bold and graphic depiction of life on earth, but also with the music that accompanies the …

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Subculture of Latino Music at FSU

For me, Latino music has been in my life since I was six years old. When my mother remarried a Nicaraguan man, I was exposed to a different side of the world. There was so much that I had never known about, but now loved. It is for this reason that I tend to notice where and how many people are listening to Latino music, particularly within the context of music from one’s own home country. I decided to find out how much this music has been integrated into the typical life of an FSU student in Tallahassee, within a group of friends. This music defines Latino culture through sound, behavior, and concept.

To begin with, I had to ask my friends what they listen to. The group that I am focusing on contains seven members. Of those seven, five are Latino and two are “white”; I, Sarva, am half French and half of descent from the British Isles, and the other “white” person, Evan, is of descent from and . The other five are from (Carlos), (Daniel), (Andrea), (Leslie), and (Tony). 
I found through interviews that all of the Latino members of our group listen to music from their homeland on, at the very least, a weekly basis. That means that once a week, they are connecting back to their cultural identities through music. When I asked Evan if he listens to music from or , he said that he doesn’t. “It isn’t because I don’t like it,” he said. “It has just never been a part of my life the way it has been for my girlfriend.” Evan and Andrea have been dating for three months, as Carlos and myself have been dating for nearly three years.

I find that the way things are run in Carlos’ house …

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Hive Mind – the Movie

Watch it Before They Get You

Hive Mind. Now that is a scary thought. The term comes from the social collective consciousness of insects such as bees and ants. The Hive Mind is said to come about through subtle subconscious influences and pressure from peers and society as a whole. Everyone who thinks and feels the same group together into ‘hives’. It is a natural way we tend to form friendships and the way we influence our friends as well.

The ever so popular Social Media of Face Book, My Space, and Twitter have gained such status by enabling people from across the globe to join together and form their own ‘hives’. Some are more diverse than others, but human nature causes us to group with those who tend to think like us.

Now people often agree to disagree and still engage with others out of their little ‘hive’ and ideas are still exchanged. But Disagreements do erupt and fights still ensue only because as individuals we still have control of our minds.

Now what if technology made it possible for everyone to think and feel the same?

This is where Hive Mind takes you.

Hive Mind, an Independent film by Ladd Erlinger Jr, explores the what if of a government given the technology to create a Hive Mind, controlling all thought processes, creating an utopia society without wars. They created a perfect world of people whose only purpose is to do everything for the greater good.

Now the concept of a Hive Mind has been used before, The Borg in Star Trek, the Bugs in Starship Troopers, and in Isaac Asimov’s Nemesis and Hallucination. But Ladd’s film of a man made Hive Mind is far more eerie considering the advancements of Technology and the …

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