Personality Through Music

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? The type of music you listen to has a lot to do with who you are or what your personality will be. Music has changed a lot in the past couple of decade, (Take for instance this day in age) Rap, R&B;, Hip-Hop has developed rapidly through teens all over the world. Rap was first introduced back in the late 1970’s and has grown to what it is today. About 90% of all rap songs have to do with gangs, drugs, violence, sex, and home life. Rappers capture the ears of young listeners because they can relate to the songs. Proven fact: Rap stresses teens and causes them to drive their car in anger. When teens drive in anger they run more red lights, are more careless, and drive over the speed limit. It is also a stereotype that rap causes anger to all teens. It is not true that if you listen to rap you will end up in a gang or gun fight. Rap is not all to blame for violence in society. Many rappers come from poor, low income areas. Because of this, many rappers rap about their experiences on the streets and what they have seen. In a way, you can blame the the economy for the violence because of the poor economy decades ago.

Everyone is different from one another and have different interests in genres of music. This is what makes you who you are. Everyone sees everything differently. The type of music you listen to while you are growing up affects how you will see things in life.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a lot of so called “happy music” being produced through musicians. There was that stereotype that all the music produced in the 1950-70’s were through drugs. It is true that a lot of good music in the 1970’s that was made had been influenced by drugs, but not all. In 1956, Rock and Roll was born. This started a spark in the generations and is still changing as the years go by. New genres have been developed over the years of Rock and Roll such as Alternative Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Punk. The typical stereotype of someone that listens to Rock is not so different from someone that listens to Rap music. The stereotype of someone that listens to Rock is that they will end up doing drugs, will be rebellious and violent. On the other hand, about 70% of Rock music has to do with love. But as each year progresses, Rock seems to be turning more and more violent as the tempo beings to speed up within the songs.

Then there is Country. Country is one of those genres you like or don’t like. About 99% of all Country songs are about love, happiness, or depression. Usually people who listen to Rap dislike the Country genre. People who listen to Country growing up seem to be more caring then most people, more of a pushover, have good morals in life, and are more romantic. The typical stereotype for Country listeners is that they are rednecks, listen to depressing music, and usually more emotional.

Here is the stereotypical chart for people that listen to different types of music and what their personality is set as.

Rap/Hip-Hop- Will be more aggressive and quick to anger. Usually more of a Type A personality. Competitive. 
Classic Rock- More laid back. Loves the sound of music. More shy then outgoing. Shows love then most people. 
R&B-; Outgoing. Loves a good beat in a song. Shows love to most people. 
Punk- Laid back. Doesn’t care. Usually more shy. 
Metal- More Aggressive. Type A personality. Competitive. Louder then others. 
Country- Either loving or emotional. Have strong morals. Lovers not fighters. 
Reggae- More laid back. Happier then most. Listen to music for that good feeling.

In the end, everything is based on opinion. Even though life is largely influenced by music, just because you listen to a certain type of music does not mean you will end up being the stereotype that people judge different music on. Just think about the actions you do everyday and then think about the music you listen to.


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